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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Environment Designing

Having hit a wall with regards to environments a while ago but been so focused on character creation, environment designs have only recently come back into the fore. Initially I found myself trying to create the environment with a method far more complicated than it needed to be. After a nice long discussion including theatrics, lighting  and the simplicity of shape, my brain seems to have relaxed and opened to possibilities resulting in the thumbnails below. Sorry I forgot to number them! 

The left column shows woodland at different times of day, the bottom two are variations of the campfire in the dark and finally the last one depicts an angle of the warriors struggle against a barbarian on the edge of the ravine.

The below were working out as to how to construct the aftermath of a battle without having to create a multitude of bodies. A couple of well placed ones in composition and strewn weapons appear to suffice, Perhaps the odd bloodstained ground. I also began to play more with focus here. I need to experiment further. I've been told I could potentially be bolder with this. Perhaps the dead are a resting colour of red. Or perhaps there are no bodies at all but purely the remaining weapons and armour covered in bloody handprints

I have since been working on different versions of the high tension ravine scene, (the left column of images). I call it ravine but in the most case it might as well just be a cliff! Either way, there's a big old drop over that edge which is where the heroic warrior and dastardly barbarian do battle before ultimately falling to their deaths.

The right column of images represents what I affectionately call Treetop hill. A giant old tree presides over Morrigan's village and stands through the seasons.


  1. POW! Well done, Emily - I'm so proud of you - just powering through, feeling the fear and doing it anyway - the climatic ravine images are so dramatic and nicely composed. For me, the completely round red leaves start to push your ethnicity towards something Japanese, so don't feel completely appropriate - I wonder if you need to re-think the redness too, because it gives the tree a rather too biological aspect - like a lung or similar. I also think we can do without the 'too' shaped rocks - there's just a bit too much detail and variety of shape creeping in here and I think you need to look again at everything that's working in your other images - more broadly... Pow! :) You need to get into Maya asap - an in truth a lot of these images - as components of your screens, as matte paintings etc - well, they're pretty much good to go!

    1. I see your point on the leaves Phil. I knew something wasn't quite right. And I think I'm starting to blend and gradient a little too much. I'll try to reign that i so its more like that forest fire in the first set.
      What do you think to me perhaps simply using that celtic pattern as the leaf, (or clusters of leaves) eliminating those red circles altogether? I'll look into the leaf colouring and see what I can come up with.

  2. Hi Emily...Nice artwork (exciting). However I agree with Phil regarding the blood/ lung redness of your world. Did you see this animation by the way...(mid section)


  3. wow ! look at that I am amazed like always!

  4. Note: I think using Celtic patterns as base design for leaves would be a good start.

  5. These are very cinematic paintings well done :)