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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More Environmental Work- The Ravine

So today I've spent time to try and create additional depth in my ravine scene with additional planes adjustments to the lighting as well as incorporating bump maps.

Initially I spent my time creating and applying bump maps to my foreground trees and experimenting with their depth but also the additional Celtic banding. Finally to try and add some depth I toyed around with darkening the distant forest matte painting and also the foreground tree shaders.

I added some additional trees on a plane for some extra depth as well as finally introducing a Gobo to create the shadows of the stylized leaves I have designed. They cast fairly well on the trees further back. Its a shame they cannot be seen casting on the floor as you see in the high perspective view. But at least I have proof that this technique should work sufficiently for my other scenes

There are a few additional things needed. I'm still not at all happy with the forest point of view of the ravine. I'm not sure what I need to do to improve it/fix it. I feel that I may need to drastically change the lighting and just have two sets of lights, one per camera view. Meanwhile the skyward view of the ravine is close, but in need of a few planes filled with background details. So on we go!

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