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Thursday, 12 March 2015

More Environments

Following my previous environment post, I've been trying to work on Treetop Hill and pulling things back to resemble the first page of thumbnails. Less in the way of soft focusing and more straight lines and shapes. I've borrowed a few Celtic patterns for the leaves as they grow throughout the seasons and did some more in depth trials on a single tree, playing with the idea that the leaves are a multitude of colours. My personal favourite is definitely 'B'

I have also started to build the Ravine scene in Maya as well as light it as I go. You can see a stripped down version of the progress below using one of my concept thumbnails as a basis to work by. I have also extended and built out the scene further to allow for a later scene in which Morrigan stands, staring sadly into the distance at the edge of the ravine.

I was able to whack on a bump map for the patterns on the tree trunks. Unfortunately if I made my trees purely black, those bump maps (despite being lit) disappear, so I had to lift the tone from a black to a dark grey but it certainly made them much more successful. The map needs adjusting depth wise, its still far too extreme at the moment, but I rather like it anyway.

At this point I was testing out the model character to scale with the outline piping on the character being either a coloured lambert or a surface shader. I'm not sure I like the surface shader as it practically glows and really stands out. Meanwhile the lambert is far more subtle and affected by the coloured lights. Although perhaps its a little too much.

This is the aftermath scene, as I refer to it at the moment. This is he last scene in the animation. Sun setting and Morrigan is alone once more in the world. At the moment its clear the lighting is unbelievably extreme from this angle and I'm still building the environment from the back to the front. The pattern on the trees can be seen in their full glory, (including where my texture map didnt quite meet up.) In the case of both scenes I've only made the most distant matte paintings. I still need to create other planar work to build those layers.

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