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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Building the Hills of the Dead

I have since finalized the design for the battlefield used to introduce Morrigan. One of the more striking environments of my project. I had fun designing this piece, however, I'm not certain how I will pull off grey lighting. We shall see. It may become a texture paint if necessary.

Below shows the progression so far in the build. I have tried to separate the varying layers of depth and build the weaponry in 3D.

Initially I followed the orthographic perfectly however on introducing a camera the depth of field meant that nothing looked quite right any more. I have since adjusted the props I had created, placing them and scaling them as best I can before going in and filling the gaps with duplicate props.

I have yet to put in my fabrics blowing in the wind, which will be my next job, following immediately after I work out how to create my stylized grey rim lighting effect.

So far I have discovered that my props need to be textured with a Blinn in order for them to react to the light. I also feel I should add some bump maps to the handles of the axes and especially across the shields. They will probably need to be re-modelled slightly to account for any projectiles lodged in them, in particular where the axes are concerned. I most definitely need to adjust the setting on my area lights. I will probably find myself experimenting with other light types as I go.

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