Sunday, 5 April 2015

Campfire Experimentation

So I've got to work on animating the flames of my campfire. I'm trying to go for a stylised look, so I'm using planes and animation them with a wave deformer. And much like paper cutouts with slots, I've created two sets of flames set at 90 degrees to each other and added transparency to each flame. 

The intention is to continue building onto this fire as I go. I hope to make some smaller squash and stretch flames in the base of the wood pile. Additionally I'd like to experiment with some particle dynamics and have some smaller sparkles rise from the fire and fade away.

The video below shows where the fire animation is currently. (I have created a 3D version of this animated flame) however I've been stumped when importing this campfire into my camp scene.....

I wanted to test the way in which I could light this campfire when situated properly, however my lights appeared to be malfunctioning. Though you can see my lights (pressing 7 on the viewport) remain the same as all my previous renders, they did not appear in the actual render.

As it turns out, it was because both my volume lights were trapped in the centre of my brand new campfire and trying to cast light on said campfire. I basically put a lightbulb in a box with a lid on and wondered why I couldn't see anything!

I have since started to alter the light linking and tested out glows to see how they might create an interesting look.

It needs a lot of tweaking, but first of all I am going to go back to the fire animation file and create all those additional features I mentioned earlier. Smaller squash and stretch flames and rising sparks. The sparks may prove too much, but they're worth a try!

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  1. I really like the idea! A simple solution.
    I think maybe the glow is too big and perhaps it could use a tint of colour, but apart from that it's looking awesome : D