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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Campfire Tests

I've gone back into the file dedicated to the campfire and its animation. I've since added smaller flames squashing and stretching in the wood below, before adjusting a glow I was playing about with previously.

The clip below shows the full 360 view of the campfire including these smaller flames.

Having imported the new version of the campfire I had to start playing around with the light linking once again and I realised I had shadows casting. Upon fixing these lights the glow I had applied originally no longer fit and the fact the outer layers were a grey colour were not helping. I went through a series of test renders trying to find optimum glow and changing the colouring of the outer edges. The eventual result was my turning to surface shaders which also have a glow feature on them! Unfortunately it was whacked upi way too high in the beginning!

Here is another fire test with the new shaders within the scene to show how the fire moves at a distance. Im happy with it so far! Still needs some work.

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  1. That is looking really cool, good job! the little flames are a lovely touch :)