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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dynamic Crows

One of my key transitions is a murder of crows that fly shrieking in front of the screen but also in front of Morrigan. I have been working on a way in which to achieve this effect so that there is an element of chaos and mystery as their black bodies break up outlines of the environment and characters.

Trying to create this dynamic effect has been a bit of a battle! And a repeated glitch of crows flying sideways instead of away from the central particle emitter. Though the fifth still image would have you believe I had crows flying in a beautiful circle. They were not.

Having battled a while I got some help and discovered I had confused Maya and with a little prodding got it working. I am really very pleased with how well these Crows work. I have a few playblasts of how I'd like them to be used and the sorts of camera angles I might need. I even managed to import them into the Hills of the Dead scene for which they were also intended!

Referring back to my storyboard for aid I am going to try and work out what kinds of angles I'd like my crows to fly and perhaps create a small stock folder of Crow transition renders ready for compositing in After Effects in Post Production.

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