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'Thinking Outside the Box'- The Bob Animations

I give you the first of 'The Bob Animations.' I hope you enjoy this little animation. The next one is already in production!!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Environment Animating- Aerial View

The final piece of the puzzle for the aerial scene has always been the dynamic smoke effect. Initially the plan was that plumes of smoke rose upward casting a great shadow on the floor. But after talking about stylisation I changed tack and created a very different but altogether more pleasing composition. 

From a physical plume of fluffy blue smoke to dynamic planar trickery. I ended up using sprites and a painted texture shape to create the swirl of cloud featured in the renders

Below shows the progress through animation to what I feel is the final render. I will add some extra crows in the compositing stage, but as for now, I declare this particular scene complete.