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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Environment Designing- Expanding on Treetop Hill

Initially I adjusted the leaves I had created and adjusted the tree so it sat properly within the scene. The shadows are fairly satisfying aside from the strange planar error that continues to appear on the floor. Having completed a voluminous looking set of Summer leaves, I went on to pare it back to the less voluminous Spring leaves, shrinking them and slightly reducing their number. These also turned out quite successful. And purely to of curiosity I combined the two sets of leaves for some thoroughly dense foliage!

Spring Leaves                                Summer Leaves

Dense Foliage

The scene moved on and I began to fill out the area with duplicate trees. I also began to swivel the camera to replicate a close up on Morrigan as she watches her warrior run off to a battle that will claim his life. Now I should have a better understanding of what can be seen of the background in the close up. I will need a few transparency maps to build up layers of a forest background.

I imported the Warrior to aid me with scale and quickly establish where about my close up ends. I've also experimented with shaders to see what happen transitioning between a blinn and a surface shader. Though the blinn has some shadows, the surface shader whites everything out and also corrects that planar error. However if they were to glow with a colour in either shader I'd need to paint them on my texture maps.

 Blinn Shader

 Surface shader

My next few tests will involve painted textures to differentiate between the seasons. There's be some warmer colours for the Autumn leaves, pale yellow for the Summer leaves and white for the Spring leaves. Meanwhile in the spring foliage I'm going to add some blossom geometry.

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