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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Environment Designing- Treetop Hill

 I've begun building the basis of Treetop Hill by initially tackling the tree and creating the leaves. I created a bunch of transparencies to simulate the leaves on the tree a little like the original thumbnails. They were projected into planes that I went about spacing arund the branches. However the casting shadows they cast within the 3D world are quite different to that of the thumbnail design.

Here I was adding some really basic lighting so that I could see the shadows cast by the leaves and also testing the positioning of the leaves planes. Unfortunately I appear to have a glitch in which the planes are somehow casting a shadow despite being affected by a transparency map. This is a glitch I have yet to solve.
Leaves Transparency Map

I still have to build the rest of the scene. Including the background plane work. But hopefully that will be something I tackle soon.

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