Monday, 20 April 2015

Environment Designing- Treetop Hill Seasons

 Having created the basis of the leaves I began texturing them to replicate the seasons. At the moment the shadow thing is still a pain but there are a few ways to tackle this I believe. But the things bothering me at the moment are how dark the leaves themselves appear.

I also moved in to see how the background for the close up section was working. At the moment the planes are thoroughly bleached out and I need to work on them.

I also trialed my textures sitting on Blinns and lamberts to see the difference. Safe to say Blinn's are a no go as they are far too shiny.

Blinn                                              Lambert

Working back into the various season textures, I altered the shaders ambient colour to be slightly lighter and found what I feel is a better balance of colours and shadow. The spring render shows my slow addition of little blossom flowers to the geometry. I'll be increasing their numbers across all the trees shortly.

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