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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Further Environment Designing

Finalizing designs as I go I have a few remaining environments in need of completion, including a clearing deep in the forest, the aftermath of a war, an aerial view of the village under attack and finally your ambient forest. All of which I have attempted in the first page of designs. With an additional set of colours on my swatches..... which I will explain below.

This second page of designs is my hopeful realisation of the giant tree on Treetop hill, now with additional 'twisted' leaves and altered colour scheme. In the earlier designs I had painted the leaves red as it was the only colour I had left in the overall scene, but the look started to take on a more Japanese feel with the cherry blossoms and such, calling for the additional blues in my list of swatches. With this additional blue, my skies no longer HAD to be yellow and I could change the colour of my leaves.... yay! Below are a couple more tests of the environment layout. This one still needs a fair amount of work.

Here's a slightly different composition also experimenting with the depictions of the seasons. Such as the stark cold grey of winter and blossoms in spring.

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