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Friday, 3 April 2015

The Campfire- More Environment Tweaking

So i've gone back into the bump maps of my campfire scene and added the extra patterns onto the tree bark, particularly obvious in the central fire scene. Unfortunately I hadn't realised I had stretched out my trees in the midst of rendering and tweaking. My UV's no longer matched perfectly, so I had to squash my patterns to fit properly as unfolding the UV's again yielded a larger mess than a help.

I have also added the smallest amount of light onto my background plane, the blackness of the dark is pressing in a little too much compared to the environment i created in the thumbnail. Its still fairly dark, but upon seeing the close up shot, you can see the paler grey peeking through between the trees.

Now to building a campfire. I've started with a really basic model and I plan to try a multitude of animation methods to create a more stylised version of a warm fire. It may result in a myriad of planes, it may not. We will have to see, this will require some experimentation!

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