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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Campfire Adjustments

The campfire sequence is one of the larger jobs in need of changing. It was suggested that I included moonlight as another light source, helping to create contrasting lighting that could act upon the characters and help them to stand out from the darkness. This was a rather large issue previously as the heads and general body shapes of my silhouette characters vanished in the darkness. They were purely defined by their piping.

I've had to tweak the environment slightly to ensure these characters can bee seen against the blackness of the night, such as shifting a tree here and there. I've also made the moonlight slightly bluer and the fire glare more orange. The gobo scales were adjusted so that the casting shadows of the branches and leaves were of a more believable size.

I'm trialing a different shader on the line work of my characters so they appear a little more responsive to the light of the fire and the moon. The surface shader has been replaced with an average lambert creating the effects below on my two characters.

                                        Surface Shaders                                Lambert Shaders

I think Morrigan rather vanishes into the background, so I tried a variety of ideas in an attempt to draw her out of the dark,  Firstly I applied the moon colour to her line work which wasn't much better. I went back to the pale yellow lambert and began to play with first, incandescence. This resulted in a paler but bleached line. 

I then combined incandescence with ambient colour and resulted in something brighter still. But I finally feel I might have settled on using ambient colour alone as the colour remains but feels a little boosted in comparison to the others.

                                         Moon Colour                            [Sepia with] Incandescence 

                       Incandescence and Ambient Colour                  Ambient Colour

I am pleased with progress so far. I will give it a little more tweaking then I believe this scene will be ready to render and the remainder of the campfire shots in needs of the same treatment!


  1. Hi Emily - I still think it would be wonderful if you could put some additional 'blue' shapes behind the back of trees - a matte painting expressing blue chinks/stripes/slashes of moonlight on the trunks of trees in the background. I think it would really lift this scene even further - think diagonal slants - think completely graphically - it will absolute lend more depth and sensation as the camera moves too.

  2. oh - and don't forget the 'kick up' of some blades of grass etc around the base of those trees - they'd be catching the light too - and will give your scene another level of interest :)