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Friday, 22 May 2015

Campfire Animation and Environment Changes

I've been adjusting the camp fire opening animation. Im cutting out all of the swinging camera work. Morrigan walks in, spots the fire AND the warrior sat beside it, who remains oblivious to her presence. Below is one the latest playblasts of animation. I also created a rendered version to check the piping on Morrigan in particular. You'll have to forgive her lacking face! I forgot to double check her facial render stats before. However the look isn't that far off!

Following that particular scene I revisited the campfire from a different perspective and made a few more changes. Firstly the fire itself which was made more orange, I ensured the shadows casting across the floor were evenly spread. I also revisited the matte painting background, bringing it up in ambient colour before creating some blue light shafts to try and indicate a forest with more depth,

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