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Monday, 18 May 2015

Fixing and Finessing!- Starting with the little(-er) things...

So I'm trying to finish off what I started in regards to my Major project, there's an absolute mass of things that didn't sit well with me. Here is the beginning of rectifying mistakes, bad shots, renders and animation.

First things first, putting the end to 'Lilliput Morrigan' in 'The Clearing' scene. I had issues with scaling at the time. The scene has since been revisited and Morrigan made slightly more visible and believable in size within her environment. I also discovered how to rid myself of the strange floating orb behind Morrigans head. (One of her controls in need of hiding.)



The next thing on the agenda was altering the opening scene of the animation. In the final submission this beginning drags on for a little too long so I added the opening crows into the moving scene hopefully for a slightly punchier beginning. Here's the new intro with additional diegetic sounds due to fill the animation!- much more interesting!!

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  1. good stuff, Emily - and yes, diegetic sounds working their magic already. Onwards!