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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Blast From the Past- Lucy!! the Upgrade

Shes back again and in need of some more tweaking. The dodgy hair is fixed and now for some experiment in her skin. This kid is undergoing all kinds of skin treatment! I've been introduced to a new material in Maya called 'Mila' it makes for an easier to control and in some cases more effective material for subsurface scattering. She's instantly looking more lifelike. (Having been through delicate porcelain doll, to spooky waxwork.)

From anaemic to tanned!

I am still working on her skin. The above changes were through revisiting my original texture. Since then a few alterations such as adding a light to combat the harsh dark shadow beneath her jaw have really lifted things. Her ear no longer glows like there's a candle behind it! And her hair was darkened for a nicer contrast to her dress. 

Light hair/Dark Hair

Next I applied the miracle Mila shader to the arms and legs. And then I gave her shiny shoes! Next step is to fix her elbows and try to sort textures that were added to her dress. AND add those illusive ribbons to her hair!

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