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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Morrigan Animation- The Latest Edit... SO CLOSE

There's ALWAYS room for improvement. I've been titivating the animation some more, correcting some annoying bits and pieces. New vignette, sound adjustments, some new fight scene shots and corrective renders. The animations a wee bit longer now, but feeling more complete than ever before. Hopefully there's time for a few more changes. I'll keep you all posted on that! But for now....


  1. Hi Emily,

    Congrats on another hugely improved edit! A few bits of feedback for you then: when you cut from the 'send them onto the next life' battle ground to the campfire scene, I suggest you cut to the campfire when the camera is already moving; it will keep the momentum going nicely. In terms of pacing, things feel a little too drawn out in those climatic scenes; for example, the sound of scream comes a little late, and then we spend a bit too much time in darkness before we cut back to the warrior. I'd just look at this whole sequence and see what you can trim (frames here and there) to give it a little more lift and heightened energy. I'm also going to send you the new UCA logo by email, so you can include it in your film if you want to (the marketing dept will have my guts for garters if the old one is even so much as glimpsed!) :) Well done, Emily, you're crafting an elegant animated short and all the tears and fears have been worth it after all! :D

  2. Hey Emily - me again - one more 'spot' - @1 min 18secs we're left looking at the tree, and that bit of Morrgan's skirt for what feels a long time; I think you could cut from this scene to the next sooner, just to remedy the slight sense of things being 'on pause' for a few frames here; we're only talking a few frames, but I think it will help :)