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Monday, 1 June 2015

Re-Animating- The Transformation Scene

This is the part of the animation in which my original submission was a let-down. The animation was not complete, let alone rendered. As it turns out the whole scene needed revisiting and breaking down into a series of shorter clips. Having had some great discussions really emphasizing character acting I've managed to figure out the following sequence and playblasted them.

At this point in the story the Barbarian the Warrior had been fighting has been forced over the edge of the Ravine by Morrigan and her crows. Now the Warrior finds himself facing a Hag, who is in fact his love, Morrigan, in disguise.


  1. just wanted to say a big 'well done' in terms of wrangling this tricky sequence into submission; all your hard work, perseverance and great instincts for performance are paying off - so onwards and upwards (or, re. your warrior, 'downwards'... "aargh!").

  2. I really like it! It makes much more sense now : ) Well done!

  3. This communicates so much more :) And this less showy-type of transformation feels a lot more emotional. Well played!