Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Life Drawing [2.12.2015]

Its been a long time. I was certainly feeling rusty. But walking into a session with a shed load of kit and the goal to experiment I finished happy with the results. 
Can't wait to practise some more and really get those proportions correct!

Iffy start, and trying something different with watercolours

Trialling white gel pen on black paper and cross hatching 

Used and ink pen and (mostly) continuous line

Lounging with cross hatching white pens and pastels

More continuous line with a black rollerball

First real attempt at a portrait.
 Discovered a Conte crayon doesn't like being overlaid on top of watercolour pencil. Too waxy.

Foreshortening. (Need to make the sizes more extreme next time)

My favourite experiment!!!!
Using dark paper with pastel and white and black pens. 
Winning combo as it turns out. And maybe a little of the 'less is more'