Friday, 22 January 2016

Art Journalling- Barcelona

I started this little book way back on the Barcelona trip in february 2015. I dubbed it 'my Little Adventure Book' and initially didn't think anything I put in it was blog worthy. It was just for myself.  I have since changed my mind. Only now have I had the time to go back and continue documenting that trip in a mixture of journalling, photographs and general mixed media.  So I thought I'd start blogging some of the journal as I go along.

I hope to fill this entire book with mixed media journalling of a whole host of my excursions filled with the paraphernalia that comes with any outing. Tickets and passes, all manner of photography, good and bad, in-jokes and little novelties. My challenge to myself is to draw a lot more. whether it is a cartoon doodle, sketch from life, from photographs and also on location.

I'd lost the spark for drawing for some time, but I think I have just found it again!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Some Sketchbook stuff

Just some random sketches and drawings from way back

sketched bookplates

cats being cats                                  watercolour girl

Hands- real and cartoon               Imaginary garden company

additional portraits