Friday, 15 July 2016

'Looking'- Early Concepts, New Story- The Bob Animations

I really want to create a noir version! I re-imagined the original character design into something suitably more 1930's Private investigator in light of the magnifying glass- then worked further into the concept.

Noir version

WHAT IF... this character is looking for INSPIRATION!?

I looked up the top ways to find creative inspiration. I took the pointers from this research and skewed them into the world of this PI character so that he embodies each of these activities that can help overcome a creative block. In the world of the PI, I feel 'Inspiration' will manifest itself as a missing woman.

Below are the list of a few of the things to tackle creative block, followed by my corresponding ideas for story.

1. Think- Listen to your thoughts, write them down, work on them...
A PI could easily be sat at a desk with a notepad and pen. Case files strewn everywhere. Perhaps a decanter of whisky in reach and an ashtray full of cigarettes....

2. Memories- Remember your past. Look at old photo albums and talk to relatives about any anecdotes they might remember.
The PI sits, sifting through photographs, evidence. Using that magnifying glass to try to identify Inspiration.

3. Interact, Travel, Get involved- Be sure to talk to people and be active. This way ideas will flow. more easily.
A PI might conduct door to door enquiries, investigate places where the Inspiration was last seen.

4. Note your emotions- Note down exactly what is going through your mind and how you view life.
PI narrates over the top of everything, his suspicions, his every thought on where Inspiration could be.

5. Start- Don't just sit there waiting for inspiration to arrive. it probably won't, at least not for a long time. Force yourself to begin. 
The PI stares at his office door willing her to walk through it. He stands and goes out searching for himself.

I like the concept that upon finding 'Inspiration' the PI's world dissolves to reveal something more familiar to animators. A regular guy sitting at his computer suddenly having a lightbulb moment and getting to work. Meanwhile on his pin-board are all of the pointers as to how to find inspiration.

I'll be doing storyboard frames soon, but initially illustrating concepts of those key scenes from the creative inspiration pointers. See below.

Character Concept sheet

1. Think- Top Down Office Concept